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Year 5/6 Diversity Day – Kenya and the Maasai

On Tuesday 16th October, Year 5/6 walked in to class to find their room had been transformed into a typical Maasai setting!

Liam from ‘Best Day Ever Education’ ( then delivered a fascinating cross-curricular day of activities to teach us all about Kenya, the Maasai people and how life in that part of Africa is similar and different to life where we live.

It was an action-packed day, with poetry writing, shield making, spear throwing, olympics, a learning talk about Kenya and creating our own Maasai inspired artwork. We all learned something today and will remember this one for a long time!

Art work Audience Coffee sack Dressing up Liam Maasai Olympics Maasai warrior Mask 2 Mask Shield making Statue 2 Statue

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