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Trustees Profiles

Alan Rankin

I have been a member of the MAT Board since 2017.  I work in HR as People Transformation Lead at Sellafield Ltd and have held a number of senior HR roles there.  Prior to that I worked in the steel industry.  I am also Vice Chair of Governors at Cockermouth School and have recently stepped down as Chair of Governors at Arlecdon School, having been on their Governing Body for nearly 15 years.  My main areas of interest are Safeguarding, Student and Staff Welfare and Health, Safety and Security. I am committed to the ideal that every child only gets one chance at education and it is our responsibility to ensure we make it the best possible experience for each and every student, irrespective of background or individual circumstances.


John Moffat

I have been a Governor for 10 years now, with most of this time as Chair.

I enjoy supporting schools where I can: I use my engineering knowledge to provide the schools with expertise in IT and programming. I have helped to developed the IT/programming capacity in Schools. In the role as Chair, I have led the GB to challenge the school as it moved on its journey from serious weaknesses to good. Outcomes for pupils improved, as did leadership and management. The school has grown in pupil numbers and is undergoing expansion.

As well as being the Chair of Northside Primary, I am also a National Leader in Governance (NLG) and undertake External Reviews of Governance (ERG) in other schools, providing peer to peer support for Governing bodies within West Cumbria.



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