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STEM workshop – KS2

Today our KS2 had an ‘egg’citing STEM workshop on materials. Pauline Farrell visited us from Sellafield and guided us through a range of different activities about various materials and their properties. The morning culminated with a competition where each pair had to take an egg, weigh it and then design a protective insulated jacket to help the egg survive being dropped from a height…Photos and results are below!


Scooter-Scooter Egg – Failed

Science Terminators (Minnie and Millie) – Survived

We Will Win The Oak – Failed

Unicorn Footballers – Survived

The Eggsellent Knights – Survived

Egg Avators – Survived

Eggheads – Survived

Eggciters – Survived  and won ‘best name’.

The Brainys – Survived

Karrie-yokies – Survived

The Skars – Failed

Eggsterminators – Survived

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