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MESP/India School Partnership Project

Pom pom drill 1 Pom pom drill 2 Pom pom drill 4
Greetings from Udayachal!
Our students have been engrossed in different activities ever since we have reopened in November for the second term. Please find attached glimpses of some of these activities as well as experiences penned down by our children. This will give you some idea of what our children do in school besides their regular learning in class.
At present, the students of Std. 1 are learning about pet animals while Std.2 children will be learning about birds in our vicinity. Students of standard 3 are working on transport while our oldest students, those of Std. 4, are learning about themselves under the topic ‘Human Body’.
We await the glimpses of school life in UK through the videos (as suggested by you), which we shall share with our students. Our students will find it interesting to learn how your day is planned and what subjects the students study. They will find the snow fascinating, so photographs of outdoor play are welcome. Our students are not tech savvy and we may have to help with the videos, which we can share later from our end too.
Binaifer Chhoga
Udayachal Primary School 

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