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BBC 500 Words Competition

BBC 500 Words Competition

In January and February 2018, for the second year running, Year 5/6 participated in the BBC 500 Words short story competition. They:

  • read examples of good stories and analysed their features.
  • Highlighted good vocabulary to steal.
  • Identified different lengths of sentences and use of clauses.

They then used this information to create their own story from an unsual perspective, before editing them as a group, typing them up and recording themselves reading whilst using intonation.

Please click on the title to read the story, or click on the play button to have it read to you by the author.

We hope you enjoy them.

Short Circuit

Born to Run

Rusty Wreckage

Where’s My Paper?

The Escape of the Snake

Moody Mob

Why is it Blue?


Cutting Edge

Looking Down

Shout Back

Soul Mates

Northside News